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Alcohol-Based Hand Spray - Lavender - wholesale rinsesoap

Alcohol-Based Hand Spray

Eucalyptus Shower Bomb - wholesale rinsesoap

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Eucalyptus Shower Bomb - wholesale rinsesoap

All Rinse! (excluding State Park Soaps)

Beer Soap - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

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Aromatherapy | wholesale rinsesoap


Peppofoot Stick - wholesale rinsesoap

Back To School

Lavender Soaking Salts - wholesale rinsesoap

Bath Treats

Beard Bar Facial Soap - wholesale rinsesoap

Beard Care (Tame The Mane)

Beer Soap - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Beer Soap

Birthday Cake | wholesale rinsesoap

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Pucker Stick - wholesale rinsesoap

Birthday Cake Collection

We are celebrating Rinse's birthday the best way we know how. With its very own birthday collection of everyone's go-to Rinse products in our newest Birthday Cake scent. We are now pulling right out of the oven, a bar of Soap, Skin Stick, and Pucker Stick that smells like a warm confetti cake with a homemade buttercream icing.
Peppofoot Stick - wholesale rinsesoap

Body & Face Care

Lavender Body Bliss Oil - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Body Bliss (Body Oils)

Body Conditioning Bar (Original) - wholesale rinsesoap

Body Conditioners

Lavender Body Spread - Tube - wholesale rinsesoap

Body Spread (Lotions)

Body Spread Tubes | wholesale rinsesoap

Body Spread Tubes

Thick, creamy, luxurious... all perfect words to describe our version of lotion, NOW IN A TUBE!
Skin Stick Display - Filled (6 flavor) - wholesale rinsesoap

Build Your Display

deBug Spray - wholesale rinsesoap


deOdor Stick Display - Filled - wholesale rinsesoap

deOdor Sticks (Deodorant)

Lavender Roll-On Essential Oil - wholesale rinsesoap

Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Thievery Essential Oil - Certified Organic - wholesale rinsesoap

Essential Oils (Pure)

Our certified organic collection of pure essential oils are perfect for anyone interested in incorporating the natural goodness of essential oils into their daily life no matter if you are a seasoned aromatherapy pro, just curious about essential oils, or anywhere in between.

After years of customer requests, we launched these oils because we saw a need for certified organic essential oils that were both accessible and affordable (and that's what we are all about). Our oil collection is curated containing our personal favorite oils that you can use either one at a time or can easily mix and match in multiples to create your own favorite blends.

We often get the question of where we get our essential oils from. Well, the answer is easy. We've been working in the essential oil world for over 16 years (longer than some companies have even existed) with the best suppliers and brokers in the business. We've fostered the right relationships and have grown with the right people. Our team works closely with the growers and distillers of the oils to ensure the best possible product. In fact, our oils are tested in the same labs that test the oils of the big boys - because we like the back-up.

Facial Care

Mini Warm Apple Cider Soap - wholesale rinsesoap

Fall Favorites

A curated collection of our FAVORITE Fall bath and body products! 
Eucalyptus Shower Bomb - wholesale rinsesoap


Mini Peppofoot Stick - wholesale rinsesoap

Favorite Products

Pedi-to-Go Set - wholesale rinsesoap

Feet Care

Filled Displays | wholesale rinsesoap

Filled Displays

Nothing makes a Rinse statement quite like a display does. Not only do they keep the products neat & orderly, but they are also great sales tools pointing out the features & benefits of the products to your customers in a visual fashion.
Peppofoot Stick - wholesale rinsesoap

Foot Care

Euca-Mint Loofah Soap - wholesale rinsesoap

Foot Soaps

Peppermint Patti Fry Box Bundle - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Fry Box Bundles

Georgia State Parks- Almond & Honey Soap 1/4 Bar - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Georgia State Parks

Shop our offerings for 1/4 bars for your State Park cabins, yurts, bathrooms, and more! Don't see a scent that you want? Give us a call at 678-525-1927 or email us at wholesale@rinsesoap.com. Are you a state park outside of Georgia? You can call or email us too & let us know you're interested!

Scents are below (we suggest 1-2 scents at a time, changing seasonally if you like)

Turnaround Time:
We make the soaps to order and usually ask for 3-4 week lead time.  We can usually get the orders out in a couple of weeks, but we like to underpromise and over-deliver. Our busiest season is Mid-September - December which will extend our turnaround time.

Of course, if you're ever in a bind, we can usually accommodate shipping out a partial order to get you by until we can get the full order shipped.

Typical order pattern for State Parks:
Spring Order
Fall Order
Occasional Small Filler Order (if needed)
Peppermint Patti Fry Box Bundle - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Gift Bundles

We know that you have one million and one things to do, running your store- let us make things a little easier by sending you pre-assembled gift bundles! Each of our bundles contains a variety of our best-selling products in your favorite scents- all tied up with a ribbon!
4 Pack Shower Bomb Box - Assorted - wholesale rinsesoap

Gift Sets (For Any Occasion)

Handy-Tizer - Thievery - wholesale rinsesoap

Handy-Tizer (Cleanser)

High Sell Thru Starter Set | wholesale rinsesoap

High Sell Thru Starter Set

Holiday Must-Haves | wholesale rinsesoap

Holiday Must-Haves

Flannel Tub Truffle - wholesale rinsesoap

Home page

k9 Refreshing Spray - wholesale rinsesoap

K9 (Dog Products)

Kid's Collection! - Rinse Bath & Body Wholesale

Kid's Collection!

Perfect Easter basket goodies, Stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or just becuase!
Euca-Mint Loofah Soap - wholesale rinsesoap

Loofah Soap