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Pucker Stick: The Last Lip Balm You'll Ever Need!

Pucker Stick: The Last Lip Balm You'll Ever Need!

It’s been said that life is one grand adventure - and one endless search for a lip balm that actually works! We all know the struggle, right? Having a trusted go-to lip balm is critical, but finding one that's up to the task is not easy. Lip balm is one of those funny products that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. It can easily fly under the radar, until you reach for it and can’t find it or, worse, find that your lip balm doesn’t actually give you relief from your dry, chapped lips. Studies suggest that Americans spend $200 million annually on lip balms - whoa! We can only imagine how many of these end up lost (it happens) or in the trash because they simply don’t get the job done! We have been there. We have tried them all, only to find that many lip balms on the market today miss the mark in some way. Some are too heavy, too thick, too greasy, too messy, too smelly,… the list goes on. One other huge issue is that many of the lip balms on the market include ingredients that ultimately leave your lips drier than if you had never used them! How ironic is that! The frustration of finding a lip balm that actually works was something we felt in our souls. We felt like Goldilocks, trying everything but yet we never could find a product that was “just right”. So we made one – Pucker Stick! It took us over 1 ½ years to get the recipe perfected, but we think you’ll agree that this one is the last lip balm you’ll ever need to try!

So what sets Pucker Stick apart? We created Pucker Sticks with all-natural ingredients that truly nourish the lips and leave them soft and hydrated! Many lip balms contain a long list of synthetic ingredients that make it really hard to know what you’re actually putting on your skin. Some even include pesticides, petrochemical additives, fragrances, and more. As if that weren’t concerning enough, many of these products include ingredients that actually can contribute to the drying of skin such as menthol, salicylic acid, and cinnamic aldehyde. The irony of using these ingredients is that sometimes standard lip balms can provide a moment of relief, that is then followed by a longer period of dealing with lips that are more dry and chapped than before you ever used the lip balm. Simply masking the problem wasn’t satisfactory to us. There HAD to be a better way, and we set out to find it! We wanted to keep it simple and choose easily recognizable natural ingredients that deeply nourish so that we could treat the issue at the root of the problem, and so you never have confusion about the product going on your delicate skin.


Ingredients in Pucker Stick include light, easily absorbed moisturizers:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil – In addition to being incredibly nourishing, this oil is naturally high in Vitamin E which is excellent for helping with skin elasticity. It is also known to be helpful with improving skin tone and texture!
  • Coconut Oil – This oil is one of our FAVORITE natural ingredients! This powerhouse oil is highly moisturizing which makes it ideal for a lip balm. It’s full of super nourishing fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are perfect for retaining moisture and giving you smooth and soft lips!
  • Cocoa Butter – This amazing natural ingredient comes from the cocoa bean (which means obviously we love it already!) It’s a natural emollient and contains vitamins A and E. It is known as an excellent full body moisturizer, and those same benefits transfer perfectly to the lips!

 Additional ingredients are:

  • Castor Oil – This natural humectant helps the lips to retain moisture which is exactly what you want a lip balm to do!
  • Beeswax – This popular ingredient in many skin care products and is ideal for a lip balm. Benefits of Beeswax for the lips include the fact that it’s highly moisturizing due to it’s natural emulsifiers. It also is highly protective. It has antibacterial properties that can protect skin and it may even help protect your lips from harmful UV rays.
  • Vitamin E – Why not add a little extra Vitamin E!? It’s perfect for helping to boost circulation and helping to generate new skin cells, keeping those lips super fresh!
  • Essential Oils – The perfect way to add a pop of scent!

At this point we’ve covered most of the ingredients in Pucker Stick and, as you can see, they are all super natural and have so many benefits! We could have stopped there and we’d probably have a pretty decent lip balm, but around here we don’t go for “good”… we go for GREAT! Which is exactly why we added this last ingredient, the real MVP… Squalane Oil! You’ve heard us sing the praises of this miracle oil before (if you haven't, check out our Squalane blog here!), and it lives up to it’s reputation in these lip balms! Squalane Oil is derived from the olive and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It has fantastic healing properties which is exactly what you want in a lip balm!

So to recap, Pucker Sticks are fantastic lip balms made with a creamy, nourishing blend of natural ingredients that glide on smooth. These lip balms have a light feel that never leaves you with a thick, greasy, or waxy film on your lips. Pucker Sticks easily absorb into the skin and deliver the nourishing hydration where you need it! Additionally, Pucker Sticks are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Travel Friendly
  • Hand Made in the USA

Once you try Pucker Sticks, you’ll never go back to any other brand! One of the best things about them is that they come in such a wide variety of fun flavors! There’s literally something for everyone! Whether you're into fruity tropical flavors, warm and spicy flavors, sweet flavors - there is a Pucker Stick for you! 

These little sticks of goodness make amazing gifts as well! They’re truly life-changing… your friends and family will forever thank you! They’re also perfect for keeping around your house, in your car, in your purse, at your office… anywhere that you spend time is a good place to keep Pucker Sticks! They come in fun bundles as well as individual sticks!

In addition to Pucker Sticks, we also created Pucker Polish which is a lip scrub that helps to prepare lips for Pucker Stick lip balms! Pucker Polish is made of super finely ground Apricot Kernel Meal. These tiny granules make for a gentle and effective exfoliant that is perfect for lips! It’s a great way to slough off the dry and dead skin from the lips (and surrounding areas) to get them nice and polished up to make a great base for moisturizing them with Pucker Sticks! We bundled them up in our Pucker Packs that pack a 1-2 punch of exfoliation and hydration!

As always, we never want you to just take our word for it! Check out these amazing reviews from satisfied customers who love their Pucker Sticks!

Customer Testimonials:

“If I was stranded on an island I’d bring this. I'd probably bring other things too but this is something I'd definitely want. This is my absolute favorite lip balm of all time. I've finished two sticks, and I wear it everyday. I put it on before bed and it's still on when I wake up. I love it so much I once bought three at a time.” - Cece

“Really great lip balm. Very nourishing and doesn't dry my lips out at all. I love it. I actually bought it at the Disney location in Florida and forgot about it. I found it in my make up bag and put it on and my lips feel amazing. I have super dry lips and this really does the trick. Super glad I bought it and I will be buying more!” – Heather

“ This was the first item I ever purchased from Rinse and let's just say I'm obsessed now! Goes on smooth and doesn't leave a white residue.” – Cheryl G.

“I am addicted to your lip balms. Always have one on me at all times. The scents are amazing and they glide on nicely. Highly recommend!” – Corrine K.

“I’ve tried everything in the Chapstick world and pucker stick is the only one that has healed and smoothed my lips! My must have item and my favorite product on the market by far. Absolutely recommend trying this pucker stick!” – Andee V.

If you want to end your search for the perfect lip balm today, go ahead and order a Pucker Stick or two! There's sure to be a flavor that fits you! Check out some of our best sellers below!

Peppermint Pucker Stick

Coconut Pucker Stick

Lavender Pucker Stick

Honey Pucker Stick

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10 Reasons We LOVE Thievery Roll-On + A Historical Fun Fact You Never Knew!

10 Reasons We LOVE Thievery Roll-On + A Historical Fun Fact You Never Knew!

We believe there are two kinds of people in this world... Those who love Thievery Essential Oil and those who haven't tried it yet! If you are in the second bucket and looking to learn more about thievery oil, you're in the right place! Here at Rinse, we are HUGE fans of Thievery and we can't wait to introduce you to it! Meet one of our favorite essential oil roll-ons:

Thievery Roll-On

What kind of name is that?… Well, let me tell you a little about thievery oil history (you know it's gonna be good with a name like "thievery"!

As folklore has it... Back in the day, we’re talking waaaaay back in the 15th Century Bubonic Plague day (that's circa 1413 in case were wondering), the story goes there was a group of European thieves (four thieves to be exact) who robbed plague victims & their graves, but they never got the plague. Pretty incredible when you consider that the Bubonic Plague was so highly contagious that it was also know as "the Black Death"... Yikes! Once the thieves were finally apprehended, they were given a choice to either give up their secrets to staying healthy, or perish. As you might imagine, they chose to give up the secrets! As it turns out, they ended up being spice merchants by trade. The trade business had come to a halt due to the closure of the sea ports thanks to the plague, so they turned to looting plague victims & their graves as a way of making money. They had deep herbal knowledge as a result of their trade and they revealed that they used a highly effective blend of oils & herbs to protect them. Their secret recipe included Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, & Lemon. Legend has it that they applied the oils to their hands, feet, temples, ears and even wore a mask covering their mouths that had the blend applied to it. The saving grace for the thieves, essential oil! 

So what does that have to do with us non-plagued folks worrying about people of today? Well, testing & studies have shown that the essential oils in this blend can be helpful in protecting your state of wellbeing. So you get well & stay well.

And what does that have to do with a roll-on, you ask... 

We know that this blend of oils is effective for getting well and staying well, so we decided to take this germ-fighting essential oil blend, mix it up with our favorite Squalane Oil & put a roller top on it for easy, anywhere & anytime application. This thievery roll-on is portable, convenient, and travel-friendly so you never have to be without it!

10 Reasons We LOVE Thievery Roll-On

  • Stay Well: Is everyone around you sick or getting sick? Don't fret! You can use it to help keep you stay well and keep germs at bay!
  • Get Well: Having a hard time getting over that last little bit of cold or flu? It can help get you over that hump and get back to being well!
  • Play Defense: Want to proactively help your kids fight the petri dish called school? Rub it on their feet & slide some socks on them! Use before school and after school!
  • Portable: This roll-on is designed to be convenient and portable! Throw it in your purse, your kids' backpack, or your car for easy access any time!
  • Squalane: Our Thievery blend includes our favorite ingredient… Squalane Oil!
  • Scent: It smells amazing! We love the spicy and earthy scent! Rub some on your wrist or neck to smell 
  • Gentle: No harsh chemicals. Thievery oil roll-on is a safe and natural blend of essential oils you can use to care for your family's health.
  • Natural: Our thievery blend is made from 100% natural essential oils
  • Vegan-Friendly: Our thievery blend is vegan-friendly
  • Gluten Free: Did we mention that our blend is also gluten-free!?

How we use the Thievery Roll-On

  • Roll it where you need it, got a tickle in your throat?—roll it over your throat (external), your ear bothering you a bit?—roll it behind your ear, feeling a little chest’y?— roll it on your chest
  • Roll it on the back of the neck, the bottoms of the feet or on your chin to be a little proactive with things

As you can probably tell by now, this stuff has our heart! But don’t just take our word for it… Check out these amazing thievery reviews from our valued customers!

  • "I purchased Thievery in October and use it every day. Have had flu in family, traveled extensively for work, been exposed to strep throat and colds. Have made it through Fall and Holidays without the usual bronchitis or flu. Love this stuff." - Ms. Lee
  • "Purchased this for myself before flu season hit and now that it’s here I’m so thankful I have it. Apply it everyday and so far so good - no flu. Love the ease of a roll on and it has a pleasant smell as well! Highly recommend and would purchase again!" - Tami K.
  • "I bought this product while at Epcot in Disney World last week. My husband and I came back to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and he had caught a terrible flu like virus on the plane ride out. I was so excited to find the Rinse stand and bought the roll on thievery for my husband. We immediately rubbed it all over his neck and behind his ears. The smell made him feel a bit refreshed and the neck massage with the oil relieved some tension. What a blessing to have found this in such an unexpected place! We also used it on our flight home to prevent any further illness." - Tara B.
  • "A Friend bought this for me at Christmas. I would be lost without it. In fact, I was lost when I lost it and then order a new one. Now I have two since it popped up. This oil kept me from catching every cold and illness that swept my house." - Sarah M.
  • “I use it every day and have avoided catching a cold for a full year!!”  Ashley M.
  • “I still LOVE my Thievery roll-on – I use it every night.”  Jim V.
  • “I bought your Thievery Roll-on at Epcot when we were down there in March (we live in Niagara, Canada) and have been using Thievery along my neck lymph-node area to help combat sinus infections and head colds, sore throats and whatever spring threw at me (with some success – I haven’t needed antibiotics which is a HUGE step for me!)”  Shaunna M.

Want some of your very own? Shop our wide selection of thievery products including:

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Say Goodbye to Rough Dry Feet for Good with Peppofoot stick!

Say Goodbye to Rough Dry Feet for Good with Peppofoot stick!

Let’s talk about feet. We’ve all got ‘em. Some are pretty, some are ugly, and well, honestly some are really stinky! One of the most common issues people experience when it comes to feet is that they can easily become dry, cracked, and tired! It makes sense when you think about it… After all, our feet carry us around ALL DAY which can’t be an easy task! That said, no one wants to sport a pair of crusty, flaky feet. It’s not cute, and it can even be uncomfortable (not to mention embarrassing!).

If you are looking for a way to show your feet a little extra love and have them soft and touchable in no time (without having to pull out the belt sander), we have got the PERFECT solution for you! Whether your feet are so rough they could cut a diamond mine or whether you are just looking for a little extra pampering between pedi’s, we got you!

It may have a strange name, but our Peppofoot Stick natural foot balm is a real MVP when it comes to taking care of tired tootsies! The Peppofoot stick was the 1st product in the Peppofoot Collection and was developed after we experienced frustrations with other products on the market. So many foot creams and balms either left us feeling too greasy, or the product sunk in too fast, or quite frankly it just didn’t work! Kind of like Goldilocks, we tried everything looking for a product that was “just right,” but since we couldn’t find one that checked all the boxes, we made one!

Peppofoot Moisturizing Stick is made from a rich blend of Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil for superior moisturizing abilities! It also features Peppermint Essential Oil for some minty freshness! Add in Tea Tree Essential Oil for it’s antiseptic properties and a dash of Menthol (for that invigorating toe tingliness) and we found perfection! We truly believe this is the best foot moisturizer on the planet!

Here are a few reasons why we love it so much and why we know you’ll love it too!

1. It WORKS!! This stuff is seriously the jam. Most everyone can tell a difference after just one use! The more consistently you use it, the better the results will be, but you will be amazed at what a difference one application makes! (If it took years for your feet to get trashed, it will take more than 1 night for a full recovery)

2. It’s so easy to use! Rub it on your feet (tops, bottoms. & ankles) at night when you’re lounging around, or in the morning before you take on the day! All it takes is a quick swipe and your toes are golden!

3. Mess-Free Application! The beauty of Peppofoot Stick (aside from the fact that it works phenomenally) is that you don’t have to touch your feet OR the product when applying! One of our pet peeves was rubbing a thick cream on our feet, then having the cream on our hands… then what? You have to get to the sink to wash your hands, but your feet are covered in cream so you feel like you’re stuck… Not a fun situation! Not to worry though, that will be a thing of the past when using Peppofoot!

4. Cotton socks are optional. If you love the coziness of a pair of socks, you can absolutely throw on a pair after applying Peppofoot. On the other hand, if you love being barefoot when you sleep, Peppofoot can still be applied and you can go ahead and put your feet between the sheets with no issues!

5. It’s 100% natural AND gluten free! You know we love keeping it natural around here! 

6. It’s TSA friendly (which means it is your new favorite travel buddy!)

7. It makes for an AMAZING gift! Especially for folks who are on their feet all the time – Medical professionals, teachers, first responders, runners and more!

We pretty much think Peppofoot is the best thing out there, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it! Check out these awesome reviews!

  • “I love this foot moisturizing stick! This stick has kept my feet soft and supple. It is very rich and creamy and it goes on so smooth and it is immediately absorbed In my feet. There isn’t a residue like a petroleum product would have. I love that I don’t have to get it on my hands!” – Ann P.
  • “I received Peppofoot and stashed it away in a drawer while I was shelling out $40 every three weeks to get a pedicure. Then the world shut down and I was faced with feet that needed a belt sander to get them soft. I filed, I scraped, I sanded and buffed and between being hugely pregnant (where are my feet anyway?) and being in flip flops all the time my feet were drier than the desert. My sweet hubs found this in a drawer and started putting it on my tired tootsies and it was so soothing for my sore and swollen preggo feet.” – Catherine W.
  • "AMAZING! It's time to get my feet ready for summer - but we are in the middle of quarantine so I am faced with doing this myself - no quick trips to get a pedi for me! I bought this through a Today Show special and started using it because I like the smell of peppermint. In my quest for summer ready feet, I was dismayed by using the pumice stone on my feetin the shower left them ragged feeling, not smooth. I started slathering this on twice a day and I am amazed at how soft my feet are now! It works so much better than I thought - and I've bought extras for my family so we all have soft minty smelling feet!” - Jenea
  • “Cracked heels BE-GONE! I recieved this as a gift for Christmas from my sister in law and this is a great product. I have severe cracked feet and to the point where it stings at times so I would highly recommended this product to anyone with cracked heels , when using this consistently I notice my feet are softer and my heels repair faster.” - Megan

In addition to Peppofoot Stick, we offer an entire line of Peppofoot products to care for your feet in every way! Check out our other awesome

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Hannah's Top 3 Products you NEED to Combat Your Dry "Sahara Skin"

Hannah's Top 3 Products you NEED to Combat Your Dry "Sahara Skin"

If you're reading this, chances are you're struggling with a common problem that plagues many of us... dry skin! If so, have no fear! You are in the right place. One of our favorite Rinse employees has given us her secrets to combating dry skin and we think you will find them helpful! 

Let us introduce to you, Hannah! She is one of Rinse's favorite soap-making, loud-singing, spontaneous-dancing girls! A fun fact about Hannah is that she practices sign language. We think it's pretty cool that she is expanding her ability to communicate and has chosen the sixth most common language in the U.S. to do so! It's no small feat, and we admire her dedication. Because we're so supportive, we can't complain about the fact that she has been practicing signing her funny insults here at Rinse to make everyone laugh! We love the lively, upbeat spirit that Hannah brings!

We recently asked her about her skin care regimen and what she said in plain old English is that some of her favorite Rinse goodies: "Make my skin not look like the desert." Ha! Per usual, she got a laugh out of all of us from that line! 

Hannah has had her fair share of struggles with dry skin going as far back as she can remember. Top that off with a tad of eczema and she felt like she had the perfect storm of skin issues that it seemed no amount of lotion, oil, or hydration could help. We keep thinking about her statement that her skin looked like the desert and we realized that we couldn't have said it better ourselves. We all know that feeling when our skin gets dry, flaky, scaly, and cracked. This time of year, our skin is the first to remind us that winter is on it's way!

Luckily, Hannah has shared with us her concoction to combat "Sahara Skin"!

First in the lineup is Oatbrasion Mask! A little birdy named Hannah says, "it helps get the crusteez off the skin". Yep, we can relate to that! This powdered facial mask is great to mix with some ingredients you can find in your house (like witch hazel for oily skin or facial oil for dry skin) to make a facial mask. Oatbrasion Mask actually includes ground pumice which makes it a fabulous exfoliant! Bye-bye crusteez! Finally, this mask helps to prep the skin for the products we will use afterwards. It even helps with acne prevention and is highly moisturizing!

Next up, Frankincense Roll-On! This ancient oil has made quite a name for itself throughout the years. Many of us are familiar with it from the story of the Wise Men, and we sing about it at Christmas in "We Three Kings". There are even those who say that Cleopatra used it in her beauty regimen! The fact that it has such a rich history and has stood the test of time should tell you that this stuff is legit! Hannah uses this under the eyes and on all other spots that need a little "frankincensing". So what exactly does that mean? Well, besides just being a fun phrase to say, Frankincense Oil is known for some awesome skin-loving properties such as improving tone, tightening, and brightening! It also smells amazing and provides a great aromatherapy experience!

Last up in Hanna's trifecta of perfectly hydrating products is Squalane Oil! Squalane is a powerhouse oil that increases cell elasticity, is healing to the skin, and is majorly moisturizing! Simply put, it's awesome. Squalane is derived from olive oil meaning it is gentle and effective for all skin types. Seriously, don't let the word "oil" scare you! This is perfect for "normal" skin (whatever that is) but is also great for those who have tricky skin issues including dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, acne prone skin... you name it, Squalane is great for it!. This oil is extremely light and absorbs quickly! By far one of Rinse's most popular products! Offered in both a 1 oz Pump Bottle or in a handy 0.35 oz Roll-On for use on-the-go!

We hope that Hannah's Helpful Hydration tips have been of value to you! Whether you find yourself in the dry skin club, or whether you have combo or even oily skin, we are sure these products will be of benefit! Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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5 Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Start “Going Natural”

5 Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Start “Going Natural”

Have you been considering making the switch to more natural skincare and beauty products? If you’re like a lot of us, you’ve become more aware and mindful of some of the harmful chemicals that are common in many of today’s conventional products and are looking for ways to transition to a more natural, clean lifestyle! If you want to make the leap but are uncertain of where to start, you are in the right place! While the natural living lifestyle can encompass so many aspects of life, we think starting small is best! Here are 5 simple steps you can take to start “going natural” today!!

1. Start Using a Natural Soap

A company that was built on making natural soap is recommending you switch to natural soap!? Who woulda thunk it!? Although this might seem like our most obvious tip, it is one of our most important ones and one that we are super passionate about! Here’s an interesting fact that you may not even be aware of: Most commercial soaps sold in stores aren’t actually even soap! Yep. Take a look next time you go to the store and see how many actually include the word “soap” on the package. You will probably be shocked at how few use that term! And you might be even more surprised at how many unfamiliar and hard to pronounce ingredients are included in these products. The reality is that many of the commercial soaps are more akin to detergents… They include chemical detergent cleaners and synthetic lathering agents that are harsh on the skin and can strip it of its natural oils.

Our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense against germs! It’s critical that we take care of it properly and give it the nourishment it needs! This is why we recommend switching to a natural soap that includes good-for-you ingredients. One of the best things about truly natural, handmade soap is that it contains glycerin. It is a byproduct of the fats and oils that are blended together during the soap making process. Glycerin is a natural skin emollient and is an amazing humectant. Basically, it helps to attract moisture to your skin.  Many of the commercial grade soaps actually remove glycerin to make their bars lighter and less expensive to ship!


A good, natural, handmade soap will effectively cleanse the dirt and grime from your skin while leaving the naturally occurring good oils in your skin. It will leave you clean, moisturized and your skin more balanced!

One of our favorite soaps is our Dead Sea Mud Soap. It’s one of our best selling soaps for a reason! It contains mineral-rich mud straight from the Dead Sea and this ingredient makes the soap incredibly purifying and great for all types of skin – even those with tricky skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema! This soap also includes some of our favorite natural moisturizers such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and more! And bonus, it can be used as a facial soap or an all-over body soap making it super versatile.

2. Begin Using Sulfate-Free Shampoo

While we are not in the shampoo business, we are huge advocates of switching to a sulfate-free shampoo! Similar to how commercial soaps are really more accurately described as detergents, shampoos that contain sulfates are really detergents as well. These shampoos strip hair of its natural oils and leave it dry, brittle, and even can leave colored hair looking dull and lackluster! So what should you do to start restoring health and shine to your hair? Easy - simply switch to a sulfate-free shampoo! These shampoos are sold at most big box retail stores, grocery stores, and drug stores. All you need to do is look for “sulfate free” on the bottle and you’ll be good to go. If you REALLY want to step your hair game up, try skipping a day or two of washing your hair!


3. Switch to a Natural Deodorant

You knew this was coming didn’t you?! Natural deodorants are all the rage these days! People are beginning to learn more and more about the long term effects of the chemicals that are included in conventional deodorants which has led to a huge demand for natural deodorants.

So, what’s the deal with transitioning to natural deodorant? Well, first of all, it is truly a transition! Traditional deodorants are generally deodorants (they keep you from smelling bad) AND antiperspirants (they keep you from sweating so much!) While the idea of reducing the amount of sweat sounds appealing, there is a downside. Unfortunately, they accomplish this feat that by clogging pores which then causes our bodies to overcompensate and can actually result in even more sweat production! Beyond that, our bodies were literally designed to sweat. It’s an important way that we regulate temperature and expel toxins. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, many traditional deodorants contain lots of foreign chemicals that aren’t exactly healthy for our skin. A lot of traditional deodorants cause people to experience a plethora of skin issues including redness, bumps, and itchiness!


With all of these reasons to move away from regular deodorants, it sounds like a no brainer! There’s only one little problem… so many natural deodorants do nothing but disappoint! We've heard so many stories from people who have tried natural deodorants with the highest of hopes, only to come away disappointed and ready to go back to their old chemical-filled deodorants.

After getting a lot of requests for a Rinse deodorant, we finally took the plunge to try and see if we could come up with something that would be effective. To be honest, our expectations were low. We basically only gave it a try so that we could tell people that we had given it our best shot but it wasn’t possible to create an effective natural deodorant. Needless to say, no one was more shocked than we were when our efforts at creating a natural deodorant that actually works were successful!

We highly recommend giving our deOdor Stick a try if you’re looking to go natural! They are free of all metal, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates! These come in a variety of scents so there is something for everyone! Check out the reviews to see what our customers are saying about how well they work!

4. Discover the Natural Benefits of Oils

Ok, we KNOW the whole topic of oils can be overwhelming and we aren’t here to get you flustered! There’s plenty of time to dig into all the oils out there and discover their benefits, but if we could recommend just a few to start introducing into your hygiene and beauty line up they would be:


  • Squalane Oil – Not to be too bold or overstate it too much, but Squalane Oil is seriously about to be your new best friend! This little miracle oil is taking the world by storm and being used in all sorts of products from hair care, cosmetics, to even sunscreens! We have a whole blog that explains the benefits of Squalane, so we won’t go into all the details here, but if you’re looking for a natural product to help moisturize your skin, combat fine lines and wrinkles, and provide amazing antioxidant properties then look no further! Our customers have referred to Squalane Oil as a “face lift in a bottle” and we couldn’t agree more!


  • Argan Oil – This oil is derived from the Moroccan Argan Tree and we love it for the fact that it is light, quick absorbing, and packed with tons of fatty acids as well as Vitamin E! This oil is phenomenal for using on hair! It helps to ease frizz, treat split ends, and provide a natural shine and bounce to the hair!


  • Peppermint Oil – We might be a little biased, but we think Peppermint Oil is a real MVP of essential oils! This powerful oil has been known to curb many common issues and can help soothe your head and activate your mind! Our customers love using Peppermint Oil as a natural remedy for headaches, to help them focus, to help with sinuses, and so much more!

5. Treat Your Feet to Natural Rejuvenation

Last but not least, we can’t neglect our feet! They do so much for us and carry us around everywhere we go… It’s only right that we show them some love! One of our favorite natural ways to pamper our tired tootsies is with our Peppofoot Stick. This fun foot balm is an incredible treat for tired, dry, cracked feet! It includes lots of fabulous natural moisturizers such as Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Avocado Oil! It also includes 100% natural Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil to give this foot balm some tingling, antiseptic oomph! Best of all, this foot balm comes in the form of a twist-up tube meaning application is super simple! No mess!


If you’re serious about getting started on your natural journey, we have got a few products designed to make your transition easy peasy! We designed our “New Natural You Discovery Box” Collections to be curated boxes filled with natural products for every level of transition!

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