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Peppofoot Stick

[shortcode] [short-description] Transform your dry, tired, calloused feet into soft, touchable feet with our easy to use, no-mess Peppofoot Moisturizing Stick! This peppermint infused foot lotion is a fan favorite for a reason - it really works! [/short-description] [/shortcode]
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Just rub on your feet, put cotton socks on if you like (they help to keep your toes warm & they keep the carpet fuzz off your feet), kick those bad boys up for the night & you'll have new toes in the morning!

Rub a bit on the tops of your achy feet for a bit of a muscle rub, too.

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Peppofoot Stick Moisturizing Foot Balm

Give your toes a treat every day (and night!) with our Peppofoot Moisturizing Stick! This incredible all natural foot balm is perfect for dry, cracked heels and tired toes! It is infused with Peppermint Essential Oil for a light and refreshing Peppermint scent as well as a refreshing cooling effect on tired and fatigued feet and muscles! It also includes some of our favorite natural moisturizers that will keep your feet feeling soft and touchable. 

Unlike so many foot lotions that are a hassle to apply (no one likes those slick greasy lotion hands that you get from rubbing lotion on your feet!), Peppofoot is a lotion stick! Genius, right!? The twist-up tube makes application super easy and mess-free! One use and you'll be wondering where this has been all your life!

If you're wondering what this miracle foot balm is made of, here is your answer! Triple Distilled Peppermint & Australian Tea Tree Essential Oils are blended with a dash of Menthol in a Shea Butter base for an ultimate toe-tingling moisturizer. The Tea Tree helps act as an antiseptic and the Peppermint is nice & invigorating. The blend of Tea Tree, Peppermint & Menthol helps promote circulation in the toes, too.

Peppofoot Stick is one of our favorite products among the Rinse team, and it's a fan favorite too! Check out our reviews and you'll see just how much folks love it! We are sure you'll love it too!


  • Travel Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Twist-Up Stick for Easy, No-Mess Application
  • Invigorating Peppermint Scent
  • Handmade in the USA

Size: 2 oz. Twist-Up Tube

How To Use: It's super simple! Just glide it across the bottoms of your feet, between your toes, and even on the tops of your feet and your ankles! Be sure to focus on any sore spots as well! Peppofoot is a great foot lotion, but also works double-time as a great muscle rub! No need to glob it on... A little goes a long way! Check out our YouTube video below for more info!

Who Is This Great For?:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Runners
  • Moms (and Dads!)
  • Literally ANYONE

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel & Avocado Oils (all wonderful moisturizers), Beeswax & Soy Wax (to help keep it all together), scented with 100% natural Tea Tree & Peppermint Essential Oils along with a dash of 100% natural Menthol.

For more info, check out our blog: Say Goodbye To Rough Dry Feet For Good With Peppofoot Stick