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Ginger Lemongrass Soap + Skin Stick Box

[shortcode] [short-description] We've combined two of our favorite items in their most popular scents with this perfectly paired box set, great for gifting or for personal use. [/short-description] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [how-to-use]Our soaps lather well (really because we're lather kinda people) & will clean your skin without leaving you with that dry, tight, alligator skin feeling. Skin Sticks are great for cuticles, knuckles, elbows... anywhere you're dry.[/how-to-use] [/shortcode]
[shortcode] [why-made] Perfect for any gift giving occasion including Mother's Day, teacher gifts, co-workers, birthdays or thanks for watching my fish Scent: Lavender - A relaxing lavender that is certainly not over-done.[/why-made] [/shortcode]

What you're getting:
One bar of 98% naturally derived ingredients, gluten free, handmade soap (4.25 oz) + one perfectly portable, gluten free, handmade skin stick (.5 oz)

We make our soaps from scratch the same way grandma did (with the exception of digital scales & refined ingredients) & each ingredient in our bars has a purpose. Because our soaps are made the old fashioned way, each bar retains the glycerin that is naturally produced in the soap making process. Skin

Sticks are the perfectly portable lotion. Throw it in your purse or pocket & apply it here, there or anywhere (including on the airplane - no resealable bag needed here).

Skin Sticks are great for cuticles, knuckles, elbows... anywhere you're dry. Some of our customers have reported great results using them 2-3 times a day for cracked fingers & knuckles, even on eczema & psoriasis spots, too.