Filled Displays

Nothing makes a Rinse statement quite like a display does. Not only do they keep the products neat & orderly, but they are also great sales tools pointing out the features & benefits of the products to your customers in a visual fashion.
Soaking Salts - 48 Assorted (10-AH,LV,TTM; 9-SL,SPEP)
Shower Bombs - 60 Assorted (10-AE,EU,LV,PEP,SO,THV)
Tub Truffles - 48 Assorted (5-AH,CM,EM,GL,LV,PEP,POM,SV; 4-FF,US)
Mini Everyday Bars - 56 Assorted (8 - AH, BRD, DSM, LAV, OH, SV, TTM)
Peppofoot Stick and Spray Display - Filled
Peppofoot Spray Display - Filled