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Marula Oil

100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil derived from the kernels of the fruits of the Marula tree. Marula Oil is an indescribable facial oil that acts as a natural primer to hydrate & prepares your skin to more easily absorb all those skin-loving products in your routine. It is a luxurious, high-quality oil packed with antioxidants and fatty acids to promote healthy nourished skin.

Contains: 100% Marula Seed Oil

How to Use:  Add 2-3 drops directly to your cheeks (so none is wasted on your fingers), massage into the skin in upward motion. 

tip #1: a little bit goes a long way, - we're talking drips

tip #2: Add a few drops to damp hair to lightly nourish

Vegan friendly, travel friendly, 100% naturally derived ingredients, .5 fl. oz.