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Soaking Salts - 48 Assorted (10-AH,LV,TTM; 9-SL,SPEP)

A blend of sea salts & epsom salts will help to soothe over-worked, sore & tired muscles all while they help to condition the skin.

Includes: 10 Almond & Honey, 10 Lavender, 10 Tea Tree Mint, 9 Spearmint Lavender, and 9 Speppermint salts


Almond & Honey- A classic smell of rich almonds with a hint of cherry mixed in reminding us of homemade marzipan or a classic lotion.

Lavender - A relaxing lavender that is certainly not over-done.

Tea Tree Mint - a little herby, a tad medicinal & a touch minty.

Spearmint Lavender - Relaxing Lavender with Spunky Spearmint blend perfectly to create the fresh smell of a spa.


Speppermint - a great invigorating blend of 100% natural Spearmint & Peppermint Essential Oils.

Each pack contains 1 serving of soaking salts. To use, draw a warm bath. Right before you slide in, sprinkle the entire contents of the pack in the water. Swirl the salts around a bit so they will dissolve. Sit back, relax & enjoy a soothing bath.

Contains a blend of Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, a blend of 100% natural Essential Oils, Tapioca Starch (to dissipate the Essential Oils).

100% natural, gluten free, vegan friendly
approx. 1.5 oz